Work in Progress

From the begining in 1980, I tried to be honest to my intentions and serious about my chosen material – home-dyed-cotton. 

How to make a quilt I did not learn by others in workshops, but by trial and error, sitting at my sewing machine and experimenting with ideas and methods. My first motivation to start quiltmaking got inspired by a book about Amish quilts.

After some experiences it was time to move from traditional quilts to individual designs, a somehow logical consequence. You understand best what is created by your own brain and heart.

Nevertheless to move from one idea to the next was sometimes a hard decision, especially when the older quilts were very successful. But I wanted to be true to myself and move further if the idea got stale or only repetitive.

My quilts developed into some kind of visual diary. I cannot plan changes, they occur when they are due, just like in real life.

Quilts since 1980:

traditional quilts – until 1983

“mathematical” quilts – until 1990 (in collaboration with Roland Hueber)

“colour field” quilts – until 1996

“La Joie de Vivre” quilts – until 1998

Ikat quilts – 1998 – 99

“singing” quilts – 2000 – 03

“serendipity” quilts – 2003 – 04

“transparent” quilts – 2004 – 05

“In Pursuit of Happiness” – 2006

“The Sea / Broadstairs Kent” – 2007 ongoing

“Farbenklang” starting 2013

Inge at work